I am deep into fighting to get chloramine (chlorine and ammonia) removed from the EPA list of allowable public water disinfectants. Chloraminated tap water causes skin, respiratory, and/or digestive symptoms, sometimes life threatening. I'm not being dramatic. I co-founded People concerned About Chloramine after chloramine replaced chlorine in my Vermont water district. I documented 300+ people who had come down with these symptoms, some were severe, and I believe chloramine caused the early demise of two elderly women I personally knew. I'm listening to this video. I don't hear anything about chloramine removal. I am interested in knowing specifically what your product turns chloramine into. Chloramine is extremely hard to remove from water, and people who get moderate to severe symptoms, the most expensive filters to not relieve their (or my) symptoms. Vitamin C turns some of the chloramine back into ammonia and chlorine ions, and for symptoms sufferers, vitamin C shower filters.

This Adya Clarity video did not play properly towards the end. It jumped to the end after about 24 minutes.


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