There are many levels of relationship between art, entertainment and Feng Shui.
All three of the social upper class has been supported in the past in China. They were in the past, only members of the elite class are available. Because of this fundamental relationship in China is art influenced by the principles of Feng-Shui. To travel the world, many of these principles applied to art and design in China is part of the art of other cultures. The philosophy behind these principles has affected manufacturers around the world on many artists, composers, designers, writers and entertainment for many centuries. This is true, or a deliberate influence artists or not.

With the increasing popularity of Feng Shui in Europe, America and the Western world, we are today considering this influence in a better understanding and use of these principles. This allows us to make use of Arts and entertainment and more. The level of balance and harmony in our lives and in the world. Feng Shui is a key element in any creative endeavor, as it provides the framework for our intention revealing and authorities.

Painting, sculpture, photography of all the Visual Arts Service elements of Feng Shui in their development and in their application. Color fill, form, subject, etc., is a decision of the artist. This decision is based on the artists ' Intention ', every option that makes artists to bring the feeling or message for the audience pieces are completed. Most artists worked on a subconscious level that connects to universal law based on the principles of Feng Shui. When an artist with a red background with a dark horse as a topic, he is already linked in the sense of the subconscious but universal elements of this. Art buyers’ access to the universal laws are the same, although the reasons for their conscious and unconscious are attracted by very different artists. The principles of Feng Shui that still works. Types of energy for the life of the purchaser and where it's stuck the red and black lure. This is important when shopping and hanging from art experts suggest the best placement for repair of your life and your facility. This applies to all forms of art. On a subconscious level, we are interested in the arts. It speaks to us at this level and we need to ensure, working for us and not against us. For example: someone likes blue and has a beautiful picture hung in his bedroom, where many beautiful shades of blue, and this completes the setting. It sounds like the perfect choice, right? Not really, because the image of a woman stuck in a relationship is the bedroom and lust for life to find a life partner. Inappropriate, color and energy content as needed, to take his life. We need our art with care and goal setting.

"Music has the power to pacify wild animals." Why is this so true? Music can be energetic adjustment; In Feng Shui is used as energy for healing because really, convert the energy in the body and space music/sound can be. Yes, it's powerful. Strong enough to pacify wild animals in all of us, and much more. Music suitable for universal energy and, like the Visual Arts began with the creator, which in this case is the burner then go to the composer. Current composers through musicians, sound technicians and come to you. How and where you use, it can change your life. Excellence is achieved through these principles, music production, production and application.

Follow the same rules any form of entertainment: the movie musical, etc. Everything starts with the writer, Director and producer, or they are not aware, they create the mood by using the principles of Feng Shui. What is the feeling you want to make? What it looks like? Stage and costume design? Light and sound? Viewers experience what? This is an important element in the production and conscious use of Feng Shui will help voice, influence and success of the production. We all benefit from Feng Shui, when we visited the performing arts, concerts, movies, music or play, where we enjoy. Lights, sounds, colors, and content affect our conscious and unconscious changes to our energy level and energy from the audience as a whole. We were inspired, transported and change


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